Look. At. You… your biz has grown bigger than templates, swipes, and reliance on opinions of random strangers on Facebook.

Put on your shades, cuz the future is BEAMING with possibility. 

Heather Hanson, Owner of Aura Brand Studio, writing in notebook

The Aura Experience

Understanding you and your brilliant business sets the stage for us to look like super-smarties and plot the next best steps with your brand voice and visuals, website, or conversion-focused funnel. 

What’s even better? We can get them done by cracking open a delicious can of whizbang efficiency! 

I do all strategic and creative projects on a VIP week structure — that means I’m fully committed and focused on your business project during our week.

The fan.freaking.tastic news for you? A VIP week smooshes down an 8-12 week project to done and launched in less than a week! (No more neverending months eaten up by games of email tag, stall-outs, and ALL. THE. MEETINGS.)

Every creative project is different and subjective, the below examples are estimates of what we can do during a VIP week.

Investment Begins at $6500/per VIP Week

Ready to unlock your awesomely authentic digital identity? Consider this me handing you the keys. 

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Go from Project Drag Out Dread… to Feeling Like This

It Takes Two, Babe

I come to the table committed to your business, and expect you ready to rock! What this takes from you:

  • Prep work and content gathering prior to our VIP week.
  • Being open and receptive to recommended changes.
  • Strategic meeting commitments and timely feedback during our VIP week.
  • Bring that head chef energy with decisive action (i.e. leave those other cooks out of the kitchen).

You in?