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Freebie to Membership Funnel

With a successful 7-figure floral business catering to prestigious businesses and clientele in Los Angeles, Amy wanted to bring her enthusiasm for floral design to the masses. Since she already had her offers in mind, we got right down to work creating a multi-step funnel during a 3 day session.

The Problem

Amy had an existing digital membership, but needed a way to more effectively bring in new leads and sell it and other digital offerings and needed it up and running quickly!

The Focus

The plan was to use paid facebook advertising to lead people to a free online tutorial, upsell to a low ticket digital tutorial bundle, and nurture them via an email sequence that offers the paid monthly membership to learn floral design.

The Solution

Because the funnel needed to be up and running quickly, we used a 3-day intensive model to write all of the sales page copy, design all necessary sales funnel pages, and connect in all of her existing tech stack to get things rolling.

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By the Numbers

New Leads in 5 mos


Freebie Opt-In

"Our three-day intensive was amazing and well worth the time and money invested! Funnels are up and sales are coming in. "
Amy Marella
The funnel was out the door in 3 days and we have continued working together to optimize and make thing even better as time progresses!