You’re curious about web design but “coding” feels like a four-letter word.

Learn In-Demand (Low-Code) WordPress Building Skills in Just 8 Weeks.
I see you there.

Standing at the edge of the web design deep-end…toes gripped to the ledge because you’re terrified you don’t have the skills to keep your head above water if you jump in. 

You’ve been working in the digital space in other ways, and might even do some WordPress admin work. You love design. You’re tech-savvy. But lack of web design background is keeping you stuck (and underpaid).

Maybe you…

Don’t know how to code, fear it, and think that its an absolute must.

Get nervous about the difference between hosting, domains, and platforms

Have never run a web design project and don’t know where to begin

Feel paralyzed figuring out project timelines and pricing

The truth?

There’s an ENTIRE ocean of information to learn, approaches you could take, and painful lessons you could learn over years and years on your own.

I know because it took me 4 years and full-blown corporate burnout between taking my first WordPress web course and finding the bravery to go full in on my web design services

While I learned a lot about code and WordPress in that course, I was terrified to start full website projects from scratch. I didn’t feel like my baby coder skills could pull off a REAL website build.

But then I found the Divi builder, dedicated myself to learning the ins and outs, and started designing beautiful professional-level websites without using those coding skills at all on my first projects.

Combined with my decade of experience in content creation and project management, I quickly built processes and projects into a web design career (though some cover your butt lessons I had to learn the hard way).

When I finally dove fully into web design, I increased my business net profit 57% over the generalized digital marketing I had done the year prior — without increasing my workload.

Bottom linenobody becomes an Olympic swimmer overnight. First you float, then you doggie paddle, then you make your way to the fancy stuff… but you’ve got to get into the pool to start!

You’re invited to splash into beginner web design with the …

Dive into Divi — Web Builder Bootcamp

An 8-week project-based course to teach budding designers and tech-savvy VAs the must-know details of web design without needing to know code.

Stop kicking around in the kiddie pool and start creating professional websites with …

Web building fundamentals and best practices necessary for setting up a WordPress environment from scratch

A step-by-step project-based walkthrough of building a Divi website in WordPress (so you have a polished site of your own or portfolio piece at the end of Bootcamp!)

Bi-weekly accountability and Q&A session held in a private FB group to keep you on track and motivated

Plus, the exact Trello board template I use for smooth sailing project management and the swipes and checklist you need to nail timelines, clearly define project scope, and handoff projects to clients with ease without stretching yourself thin or stressing you’ve missed a step.

What We’ll Cover in 8 Weeks

To boost success and reduce overwhelm the Web Builder Bootcamp course content is dripped on a weekly basis.

Website Fundamentals & Setup

Ensure you have a handle on website mechanics so you feel confident in starting WordPress sites from scratch. Plus, we cover where to build before handing it off to the client.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Know the fundamental website elements and how they work together
  • Have your domain and hosting purchased
  • Install WordPress and the Divi theme
  • Be able to connect your domain-based email to Gmail (paid Google Workspace not required!)

Prep Work & Best Practices

Before you’re able to create a fantastic website design for yourself or a client, you need to do the foundational work that will guide that creation.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Understand common website page structure and copy needs 
  • Know the importance of responsive web design practices and how to apply them
  • Have your Divi site appearance set up and a style cheat sheet to make designing faster

Builder Basics & Starter Theme

Expertly create unique sites without reinventing the wheel while gaining a must-know understanding between different content containers.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Be able to leverage templates as a starting point so you don’t have to stress about starting from scratch
  • Know the difference between sections, columns, and modules so you can get that content laid out just right
  • Understand how to find pixel-perfect image sizes, so you don’t have to adjust your files a million times

Divi Builder Modules

Every excellent artist understands their tools. Through project application, we will take a tour of Divi Modules, the little widgets that make all the content magic happen on your site.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Understand why spacing in web design is the key to professional results
  • Be able to create anchor links within a page
  • Have quick pro hacks on turning back time on page design mistakes, or dealing with widget funkiness
  • Begin updating your Divi site with your brand styles and content

Mobile Optimization & More

We learn more about Divi modules and how to quickly customize any site to suit your content and branding just right.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Know how to apply background patterns, gradients, and masks
  • Understand how to customize page content to match your design vision
  • Continue building and customizing your project site for web and mobile views

Smart Design with Divi

Save yourself design time and make your site easily usable for clients by leveraging the true power of WordPress as the leading Content Management System on the market.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Understand how to harness the power of Divi Library and Cloud to save yourself time and energy redesigning sections
  • Have pre-built templates for a social icon bar and header/footer sections to customize for yourself
  • Use the theme builder to create a styled blog post template and the blog module to create your primary blog page

Marketing with Monarch & Bloom

Make your site a conversion tool, not just a billboard. Divi helps make automating social shares, and email marketing integration a snap with two built in plugins.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Know how to set up Monarch to handle social shares and follows
  • Connect an email marketing platform using Bloom to create and style on brand pop-ups and embed forms

Design Process & Clients

Avoid the hiccups and heartaches experienced by most beginner web designers! Get the proven steps to managing project timelines, feedback, and site handoff like a pro.

By the end of this module, you’ll:

  • Know the importance of smoothly onboarding clients
  • Have the tools to estimate a project timeline, including a Trello project board to manage the process
  • Understand how I professionally gather client feedback without confusion
  • Have a site handoff checklist to make client project completion a time to celebrate, not stress sweat

Dive into Divi 8-Week Web Builder Bootcamp ($3,000 value)


Private FB group with 4 Q&A sessions and 2 open office hour sessions ($1,000 value)


Build Your Own Brand Minicourse ($250 value)


Dubsado for Creative Service Providers Course ($1,500 value)


Pricing and Packaging Web Services Bonus ($1,200 value)

The Dive into Divi Floatie Guarantee

I won’t toss you into the deep end without a lifesaver! I structure the course as an 8-week bootcamp to give you the accountability to complete your first Divi web project. Think of me as your web design lifeguard!

Watch the course, do the work, and show up with questions and you’ll be confidently diving into web design in 8 weeks. Once our time together comes to a close, you still have access to all course materials as long as the course is available.

But if you’ve put in the work and still feel like you’re drowning, we have a 14 day money-back guarantee.

So… are you ready to take the plunge?

With knowledge gaps, fear of geek elitism, unending Google research, and potential project failure in the way… it is no wonder many aspiring designers stop before they even start.

That. Sucks.

I was almost one of them. But learning the power of Divi finally gave me the confidence to embrace a career path I love, charge my worth, and take my web design skills to the next level.

You could take the figure-it-out-on-my-own long route … struggling through project missteps, and undercharging for Way. Too. Long

Or, you can set fear aside and make a big splash into your dream web design career by joining me for the Dive Into Divi Web Builder Bootcamp.

Be the first to know when I start the next bootcamp session!


I am totally new to Divi. Is this course for me?

Yes! We will cover all the basics of setting up a Divi-based WordPress site from scratch. I’m talkin’ starting from purchasing a domain, hosting, and doing the install. 

I structure the course around building your first Divi web project so that you learn Divi in a tangible, real way. I drip course content in digestible steps to reduce overwhelm and help you know what you should accomplish when. Our online community is there to ask questions and help guide you through your first Divi web project.

Are there other costs associated with getting started?

As with most businesses, there are some tools of the trade to invest in. You will need to purchase a Divi license, which is a one-time lifetime fee of $249. You will also need a domain and web hosting, which costs on average around $100/year for the first year.

What if I can’t attend the Q&A sessions live?

No worries! The live Q&A sessions will be recorded and replays will be available in Facebook and the course platform.

I've never been in WordPress. Can I take this course?

The Dive into Divi course does not cover the basics of WordPress functionality. If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of how WordPress works and need to understand the basics, there may be a steeper learning curve if you choose to join the Dive into Divi Web Builder Bootcamp.

I’ve never managed a website project. Can I do this?

I will provide you a detailed overview of how I have successfully run website projects with dozens of clients. 

You’re also receiving a Trello board template to use with clients, project timeline tool, and other checklists and swipes to make the process as turnkey as possible for you to get started — without having years of experience as a project manager.

How long will it take to learn Divi?

This will vary from case-to-case. The point of the live bootcamp is for you to have a fully built and live website project at the end of 8 weeks. This is achievable!

Each course module includes about one hour of lessons. You should expect to spend 2-3 hours a week gathering content and implementing what you’ve learned to get your site built.

What if I decide that the Dive into Divi Bootcamp isn’t for me?

If you get started and realize that the course is not the right fit for you, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee if you show your work and are willing to answer a few questions.

I really don’t need to know how to code to get started?

No, you really don’t. Understanding and applying code can be incredibly helpful when you decide to become a web designer. But it is NOT absolutely necessary to dip your toes into the big, beautiful pool of web design and start serving clients. 

You won’t need to know code to take this course or get your first web projects using Divi built and launched!