Hey there, you glorious go-getter!

Heather Hanson, Owner of Aura Brand Studio and dog, Fletcher

Since I could hold a big, chunky crayon I’ve been using visuals and words to tell a story. I now harness that passion to offer full branding, website and funnel services. I love working with creative entrepreneurs with digital and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Before heading out on my own, I worked for over ten years in marketing and communications positions with mom-and-pop shops and international brands in healthcare and retail spaces.

But, I was always the square peg in a round corporate hole — too many edges. And when corporate tried to grind me down, I left. To make something uniquely mine, bigger than the boxes I was given.

(Ghostwriting quarterly financial earning for suited-up CEOs never matched my style.)

I’m here for the dreamers, the visionaries, the build-it-for-myselfers with a passion in their heart and fire in their belly.

The people who want to do their thing with reckless abandon and not waste time worrying about the marketing that takes them to the next level.

I’ve got you. I want to take that little passion-fire and throw brilliant strategic creative GASOLINE on it!

Because you’re stellar at what you do, and I’m here to spark it up and help you take over the internet.

Let’s set the world on fire, together.

Can-Do Creds & Certs


MA/MBA in PR and Advertising Management


14 years of marketing and communications experience


Certified VIP Day Expert


Certified Master Marketer from FG Funnel Society


Certified in Codex Persona Brand Voice Creation