Building Awesomely Authentic


The DIY Got You This Far …

But now your sites looking staler than ten-day-old toast and the copy sends you straight to Snoozapalooza held at Center Square, Snoretown (not to mention, doesn’t reeeeaaaallly sound like you).

You're a Creative Entrepreneur. You aren’t boring.

(And if you are… you can quietly step out the side door now and I won’t say a peep.)  You aren’t a carbon copy, bought-in-a-box, pre-assembled human… and your brand identity and online shop shouldn’t be, either. 

It’s time to take your creative eCommerce biz center-stage with the brand identity, online store, and digital marketing funnels that radiate authenticity!

The Aura Approach

The goal is pretty simple. Build awesome, authentic brands, eCommerce websites, and digital marketing funnels for amazingly talented creative business owners. 

Here at Aura Brand Studio we help overworked and overwhelmed small shop owners take a few hats off their head and up-level their digital presence so they can get back to a focus on product development and customer support. 

We can work to create …

Hey, I'm Heather!

Since I could hold a big, chunky crayon I’ve been using visuals and words to tell a story. I now harness that passion to offer full branding, website and funnel services to creative eCommerce owners ready to level-up their authentic digital presence.

I got my feet wet in tech and WordPress  back in 2013 and continue to meld a love of writing, design, and tech with all that Aura Brand Studio has to offer!

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Nice Words from Nifty People


I was on the path of procrastination with my funnel and copywriting until I found Heather! She was a lifesaver! She helped me create my funnel, Copywrite my emails, connect my “zaps” and everything in between! Our three-day intensive was amazing and well worth the time and money invested!  Funnels are up and sales are coming in.  I was so pleased with Heather’s work that I’ve already referred her to business associates and have hired her for another project. Best investment ever! 

Amy Marella

Owner and CEO, The Hidden Garden

Heather is the most organized and professional tech person I have ever worked with. The design work is beautiful and the functions actually work – hard combo to be good at both and Heather does just that.

She made it easy to tackle a very big and complex project of completely overhauling my website. She is also great with all the functional details to make sure all my tech systems flow!

Kirsten Nelsen

Owner, Wexford Training

What astounds me about Heather’s process is that she doesn’t stop at Brand Voice. Instead, she tickles all five of your senses to create a living, breathing, and porous identity for your brand that can saddle up next to you and have a conversation — and you never forget the smell of its perfume. She meshes verbal and visual with a designer’s touch that makes a scientific process feel like art… because it is.”

Justin Blackman

Brand Voice Master, Pretty Fly Copywriting

For years I struggled to pull marketing materials together: be it layouts, copywriting, or overall branding. Working with her is effortless and I now have a collaborator who understands the vision I have for my company. She has revamped our website and helped bring our thoughts into focus. Projects that I thought we’d never have time for are now coming to life and it is fantastic!

Jennifer Opatz

Owner, Fresh Space Redesign

Heather worked so incredibly during our 3-day intensive! She handled copy and design for my sales funnels and her work was spot on. She was able to capture my brand personality in her writing – which was a huge improvement over what I had tried doing on my own. And she really considered the customer’s journey with her design. She also handled all the tech integrations between the funnel software, ESP, deadline funnel, etc. And she’s so fun and easy to get along with!

Jessica Berk

Owner, Awesome Little Sleepers

I am so grateful to have found Heather. Her creativity combined with her excellent writing skills make a perfect combination for website design and development. Heather really listened well to what I was looking for. She took my vision and made it come alive. She was genuinely invested in making sure I was satisfied. I highly recommend Heather and her services.

Margo Falls

Owner, The Senior Care Guru

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The Hidden Garden

The Hidden Garden

A multi-level funnel project using Facebook advertising to generate leads with a free tutorial offer followed by an order bump and lead sequence to a paid membership. The copy, design, and tech setup work was executed at a day rate and ready in less than a week!

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